ISO Certified Third Party Injection Manufacturers in India: Pace Biotech

The leading and growing company among the Third Party Injection Manufacturers in India, Pace Biotech focuses endowing the products with high-quality and affordable prices. Customer care is also one of the major concerns for the organization as a team of professional customers care executives took place for providing better service. Carrying all sort of certifications the company is rapidly steering its growth ahead as ISO Certified Third Party Manufacturing Company for Injection. This pharmaceutical firm incorporates all essential machinery for a productive outcome.

The way we manufacture the injections and various other medicines, no WHO GMP Certified 3rd party injectable manufacturer in India perform the manufacturing process in such a way. The company includes advanced equipment by which all the steps of manufacturing the products come up with great credibility and accuracy. Our clients are happy with the on-time delivery which Pace Biotech provides with very low cost and unbeatable quality.

Leading WHO GMP Approved Injection Manufacturing Company in India

The organization has earned the top position among all other injection manufacturing companies in India on the basis of technology, quality, high-tech equipment and timely delivery. Pace Biotech also offers pharmaceutical products and injections manufacturing for other enterprises as top 3rd party injectable manufacturers in India. We offer great and gainful deals for our domestic and international clients. As the best WHO GMP Injection Manufacturer in India, Pace Biotech plays a crucial role in performing rigorously for generating products with quality. In our country, very fewer manufacturers of pharmaceutical injections carry all the required certifications and policies. In this case, our organization plays these tasks on with a very serious note as we have a bunch of all required certifications and follow the terms, norms, and conditions raised by the government. We work with an approach to serving humanity with the safest products of pharmaceutical injections.

Third Party Injection Manufacturing System

Being one of the top Third Party Manufacturing Company for Injection, the leading pharmaceutical company constructed a fully computerised system in the manufacturing unit which provides 100% fine products. Along with that the team of our professional indented to provide the entire information about the firm. And the products especially injectables provided online so that everyone can get the knowledge about the goods we are conferring to the layman. Apart from all that all the controls and researches take place with the online mediums which save the client’s time and bestows them with a great and safest product.

Winding Up

The entire information stated above carries the credibility. Pace Biotech is committed to serving the top-class and superior quality pharma injectables to reinforce the health of our society.

Contact us now and let us take your manufacturing headaches away.

Production Capacity

Third party injection manufacturing pharma capacity per month on single shift basis:

  • Tablets – 100 million tablets3rd party manufacturing items samples
  • Capsules – 10 million
  • Liquids – 0.5 million
  • Beta-lactum Tablets – 10 million
  • Beta-lactum capsules – 10 lacs
  • Dry syrup – 1 million
  • Dry-Injections – 2 million
  • Liquid Injections – 1.5 million
  • Ointments – 1.2 million
  • Lotions – 0.5 million

3rd Party Injection Manufacturing Company